Brief description

  • The main assets of Nobel Group are located in strategically important oil and gas provinces of Timan-Pechora and the Western Siberia, which have significant reserves of resources and well-developed transport and service infrastructure.
  • The company has two operating and one open but undeveloped oil field and exploration sites in Timan-Pechora.
  • Due to significant reserves and proximity to well explored and developed oil fields, West Siberian assets of the company are the key to the future growth of Nobel Group. Launching production at fields in the Western Siberia is the priority task of the company.

Timan-Pechora ASSETS

  • 2 operating fields;
  • 1 discovered field under evaluation/preparation for development;
  • 2 exploration facilities.

West Siberian ASSETS

  • 4 discovered fields under evaluation/preparation for development.