NOBEL OIL GROUP is and independent oil and gas COMPANY specializing in exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the Timan-Pechora oil and gas basin and rich regions of the western siberia.


Application of innovative technologies in Timan-Pechora

  • Company’s team is formed;
  • Usinsk deposit development begins:
  • Conditions: technically complex deep reservoir of heavy oil – 2,500 cps, 1,500 m, fractured carbonate producing formation;
  • Steam stimulation technology is successfully used; this is its first commercial application in the territory of the former USSR;
  • The asset is sold to a strategic investor in 1999.

1998 — 2008

From exploration to production

  • Two exploration licenses in the Republic of Komi are acquired;
  • Osokinskoye and Yuzhno Oshskoye fields were discovered;
  • Drilling rigs were put into operation;
  • New technologies of well drilling and completion were successfully applied;
  • A significant increase in production is observed.

2009 — to date

Laying the foundations for future growth

  • Acquisition of 50% of stocks of Nobel Group by China Investment Corporation and Oriental Patron in September 2009;
  • Nobel Holdings Investments (NHI) holding was established;
  • Accelerated organic growth and increase in the number of acquisitions due to investments of new shareholders;
  • Acquisition of licenses in the Western Siberia, including four open fields;
  • Acquisition of exploratory Kaminsky facility with promising resources in the Nenets Autonomous District.